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 Are you a True Blood fan? Prove it take the quiz!!!

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PostSubject: Are you a True Blood fan? Prove it take the quiz!!!   Mon Oct 25, 2010 8:06 am

Take the Quiz!

What is true blood?
o a good alcoholic beverage
o a drink that has nutrients that regular human blood has
o a regular drink that tastes and looks like blood
o a cherry flavored soda
Sookie has the ability to...
o dance
o sing
o read minds
o fly
Sookie Meets a Vampire.. Where does she meet him and whats his name?
o Beach, John
o Merlotte's,Eric
o Fangtasia,Bill
o Bon Temps,Bill
o Merlotte's,Bill
What Church Hates Vampires?
o Fellow Ship of the Sun
o Fellow Ship Of The Moon
o Sun Of the fellow Ship
o Fellows of The Sun
What quote does The Vampire that Sookie loves uses?
o I Love Sookie
o Sookie Is Hott
o Sookie Is mine
o Sookie Cooks Good
Whos The Other Vampire That is fighting For Sookie?
o Bill
o Sam
o Godric
o Eric
Whats the name of the girl that was turned into a vampire against her will?
o Hannah
o Jessica
o Sammy
o Julie
Sam Merlotte Can what?
o Fly
o Paint
o Shape Shift
o Turn Into a dog
o Dance
When Humans Drink vampire blood its illegal, when they refer to it what letter do they use?
o V
o B
o C
o E
Bill can sense all of sookie's emotions how?
o she calls him
o her blood is apart of him
o his blood is apart of her
o both b and c
o none
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Are you a True Blood fan? Prove it take the quiz!!!
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