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 Did Eminem Murder Nicki Minaj On Her Own Song?

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Who had the best verse on 'Roman's Revenge'?
Eminem. Nicki should have known better than to do a song with Slim Shady.
 100% [ 1 ]
Nicki Minaj. She proved that she can hang with any rapper male or female.
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PostSubject: Did Eminem Murder Nicki Minaj On Her Own Song?   Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:51 am

It seems like every time Eminem makes a guest appearance on someone else's song he steals the show, but is this the case on Nicki Minaj's 'Roman's Revenge' or does the Black Barbie hold her own?....I'm gonna go ahead & say no.

"Eminem murdered you on your own sh*t!" Nas 'Ether'

Ever since Nas blasted Jay-Z for allowing Eminem show him up on their collaboration 'Renegade,' it has become a known fact that if you allow Eminem to guest-spot on your song, he'll snatch your spotlight and have people forgetting that it's your song to begin with.

You name them, Eminem has blown up their own song. Busta Rhymes felt Slim Shady's wrath on the remix to 'I'll Hurt You.' Lil Wayne got sonned (no Birdman) on 'Drop the World.' 50 Cent got slayed on 'Gatman & Robin.' Even the late, great B.I.G. had the show stolen on 'Dead Wrong' (although Eminem hopped on the song long after Biggie's passing).

So why, oh why, if you want to shine as a new artist, would you go and get Eminem of all people? Well, apparently Nicki Minaj has no fear of being shown up on her own song. She enlisted the reinvigorated Marshall Mathers for the duel of split personalities on 'Roman's Revenge.'

On the Swizz Beatz-produced song, Nicki and Eminem trade verses packed with venom. To say that Eminem brings the best out of Nicki is an understatement. But Nicki doesn't simply shine by going toe to toe with "MTV's Hottest MC in the Game." Instead, as her alter-ego Roman Zolanski, she opts to take thinly veiled shots at the femcee who she idolized as a young girl only to be dissed by her once she began making a name for herself -- Lil Kim:

"Is this the thanks that I get for putting you b-tches on?/ Is it my fault that all of you bitches gone/ Should have sent a thank you note you little 'ho/ Now I'm going to wrap your casket with a bow/(Nicki she just mad because you took the spot)/Word that b-tch mad because I took the spot?/Well, b-tch if you ain't sh-ttin' then get off the pot/ Got some n-ggas up in Brooklyn that will off your top"

But this is Eminem we are talking about. Once he says "I swear to God I'll piss a Happy Meal off" in the opening bars of his verse, we know Em means business.

No, he's not taking direct shots at anyone in particular (although you can always assume he has someone in mind when he's in battle MC mode), but that doesn't mean that his rhymes aren't as potent as ever:

"All you little f-ggots can suck it/ No homo, but I'ma stick it to 'em like refrigerator magnets/And I'm crooked enough to make a straight jackets bend/ yeah, look who's back again, b-tch/keep acting as if you have the same passion I have/ yeah right, still hungry, my ass/ You ass-d-cks had gastric bypass/ Ain't hot enough to set fire to dry grass/And 'bout as violent as hair on eyelids (eyelash!)"

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Did Eminem Murder Nicki Minaj On Her Own Song?
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