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 T.I. And Eminem’s “All She Wrote” Sounds Good On Paper, But…

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PostSubject: T.I. And Eminem’s “All She Wrote” Sounds Good On Paper, But…   Tue Nov 16, 2010 8:54 am

We’re still three weeks away from the release of incarcerated rapper T.I.’s seventh LP No Mercy (out December 7), but his fans can at least pass the time by checking his Eminem-featuring tell-off joint “All She Wrote.” Roll like a desperado with Tip after the jump. (Warning: NSFW)

The track starts off with T.I. rapping about how the haters can never hold him back. Em comes in spitting venom at an ex (presumably the main ex that usually fuels said venom) on the second verse.

“I’d rather slip and fall in shit than fall in love with you,” Eminem rants—which is pretty much the tamest line from his expletive-filled rap.

“All She Wrote” is just alright. The beat is repetitive, and Tip and Em aren’t lyrically covering any ground here they haven’t already tread over time and time again.

You’d have thought these two titan MCs could have put their heads together to come up with a genius collaboration. But unfortunately, “All She Wrote” is bordering on bland.

Let’s hope there’s a little more bite lying in wait on No Mercy.



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PostSubject: Eminem's All She Wrote Verse   Tue Nov 16, 2010 9:20 am

[Verse 1]
<fucking bullshit tag here> to let these tricks trick you
Mighty ambiguous of you to think I love you slut, shit, dig you?
Hoe, take a shovel and dig you some dignity bitch
Shit you talk about some advice it sticks with you if I should listen to anyone tell me to stick to my guns
Like <fucking bullshit tag here> chillin' like a villain
Like the penguin in his fuckin' igloo eatin' fudge-sickles
I'd rather slip and fall in shit than fall in love with you
Before I tie a fuckin' knot I tie you in one
Bitch you think this is a Nintendo game? How fuckin' dumb is you?
I'll give you some lumps before I split some lump-sums with you
So here's a penny for your thoughts, but it won't buy you a cheeseburger
But a nickel might just get you one pickle
Fuck it, it's official, so blow the whistle I got a trust issue
There's a bombshell you scud missile
I gotta cuss at you to fuckin' <cuts>
This'll teach you to come drunk, sumblin' my way, fuh-shizzle
<fucking bullshit tag here> like a budget at Gilbert's Lodge check-stub-bizzle (?)
So fuck sizzles this check is a bust like a blood blister

[Em's Hook]
Now I don't really care what you call me
You can even call me cold
'Cause bitches know as soon as they saw me
It's never me to get the privilege to know
I roll like a desperado
Nah I don't never know where I'm gonna go
Still I ball like there's no tomorrow

[Verse 2]
Yeah I <fucking bullshit tag here> I gotta give you the dirt off my handkerchief
I'm givin' these hoes a dosage of the old medicine
Let em' get a good taste of it
I'm sure you got that relationship memo by now
But in case you didn't
The stink is so bad gonna stick your nose through to your forehead and staple it
Life is too short and I got no time to sit around just wastin' it
So I pace this shit a little bit quicker, that clock? I'm racin' it, double timin' it
But I still spit triple the amount of insults in a 10th of the time that it may take you pricks to catch on
While you're strong, I'm like Stretch Armstrong
Man I still say "K-Mart's" like there's an apostrophe S on it dog
And they say McDonald's isn't a restaurant, well I guess I'm wrong
But if you're gonna tell me that A&W aint the spot for the best hot dog's, you can get the F on dog
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T.I. And Eminem’s “All She Wrote” Sounds Good On Paper, But…
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