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 Weezy Released for Good Behavior

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PostSubject: Weezy Released for Good Behavior   Wed Nov 17, 2010 7:18 am

For diehard Lil Wayne fans, Nov. 4 inaugurated a long-awaited rebirth of sorts. The rapper was released from prison after serving eight months in New York's Rikers Island. After several delays in sentencing and complications with his release date, Lil Wayne was finally set free nearly four months early as a result of good conduct.

Lil Wayne has been brought up on drug-related charges in several states in the past, but it was a gun-related charge that led him to jail. At one of his 2007 concerts in New York City, he was charged with one count of criminal weapons possession and one count of criminal possession of a loaded weapon, according to Rolling Stone.

His sentence, which officially began on March 8 of this year after it was put off twice, was originally set to be an entire 12 months due to New York's strict gun laws. Although he originally denied that the guns found on his tour bus belonged to him, later DNA analysis linked them to the rapper, leading to his court date in December 2009.

Set to be sentenced in February, extensive dental work and a fire in the courtroom pushed his sentencing date to March, when at last he began his punishment.

Despite being caught with an MP3 player and headphones in his cell, Lil Wayne proved to be serious about his sentence and returning to the studio as soon as possible. The MP3 player was found during a routine cell search, wrapped in an aluminum chip bag. Wayne's behavior was otherwise above par, leading to his early release, according to the Associated Press.

To the occasional Lil Wayne listener, though, his absence was hardly felt. While locked up, Lil Wayne released his latest album "I am Not a Human Being" and created a blog, weezythankxyou.com, to show thanks to his fans, in addition to working on new lyrics and songs.

Now, barely a week after his release, the rapper shows no signs of slowing down. This past Sunday, he hosted a super-sized fete in Miami with a glittering guest list, including Drake, Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross, according to Rolling Stone. He also made a guest appearance with Drake in Las Vegas the night after his release. MTV hosted "Round-The-Clock Coverage" of Lil Wayne's post-prison moves.

Lil Wayne's legal troubles are far from over, though. Amidst his rampant travelling following his release, he spent some time in Arizona to deal with his 2008 drug arrest in the state. During an interview with MTV, his local counsel James Tilson revealed that the arrest, in which authorities reported finding ecstasy and cocaine on his tour bus, had placed Lil Wayne under 36 months of unsupervised probation.

Some logistics needed to be sorted out, though - since he is not a resident of Arizona, he will need to file the paperwork and apply for interstate compact, according to Tilson.

While three years of unsupervised probation is a seemingly easy sentence, a closer examination of the terms reveals a more difficult time ahead for the rapper. As reported by MTV.com, the terms include not consuming any substance containing alcohol, any controlled substances, legal drugs and submission to drug tests.

If the rapper can comply for the next three years, his charges will be dropped to misdemeanor status. But as MTV.com pointed out, and as shown by Lil Wayne's immediate rush to party, he must be careful not to overindulge in his newfound freedom. For Lil Wayne, that could prove to be quite the challenge.

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Weezy Released for Good Behavior
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