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 The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R *Em Fic*

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PostSubject: The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R *Em Fic*   Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:05 pm

This is a new story I have been working on for about 2 weeks now, while I had writer's block on my other story. This one seems to just flow out & I was gonna post it, but was a bit timid of the feedback...or no feedback at all. I just posted on my own site to be safe, but here's a snippet. Tell me what you think.

Marshall sat in the back of his classroom and stared at Alicia. She was so genuinely beautiful to him. He watched her damn near everyday while the teacher babbled on about the stupid Literary bs on the board. He never payed attention to anything, seeing as how it wasn't important to him. Maybe it would've been if he were in school 5 days out of the week except for the occasional 1 or 2. He only did that just to get away from his daily routine though. Seeing her always brightened her day.
He stared at her long glossy hair that fell down passed her shoulders. She was twirling it around her index finger as she scribbled something down on her notepad. She really love their literature class. Anytime there was an assignment she'd be the first to jump at the task & her presentations were amazing. She was definitely gonna be something.

The bell rang & he groaned as everyone gathered their things & scrambled from the class. Everyone except for Alicia that was. She was always the last one to leave, so today he lagged behind just to stare at her a bit more. He threw on his black hoodie of the sweatsuit he was wearing as he strode up through the aisle she was in.
"Mr. Mathers?" the female teacher inquired trying to make him out & he stopped abruptly with a growl. He hated being stopped by the authorities. He looked up a bit as Alicia threw her bookbag over her shoulder.
"Ah...so you do grace us with your appearance today. You do realize you're failing don't you?" she inquired as she took her reading glasses off & stared at him. She was a petite woman & looked to young to be confined to a classroom. She looked like she should've had a t.v. job or something. She had long blode hair, with hazel eyes & always wore the lastest fashion.

"Yes." he mumbled embarrassed as he saw Alicia look their way briefly. He rolled his eyes & put his head down a bit more to hide his face.
"Don't you wanna graduate?" she inquired and he knew that wasn't in the cards for him. It couldn't of been.
"Graduate?" he inquired. "I don't even know how I got this far." he mumbled & she sighed. "Is everything alright at home."
"Fine." he said nervously as he looked up. "Peachy." He hated when people brought up his personal life.
"I think you just need a tutor." she smiled as she looked at Alicia.
"Alicia do you mind doin' me a favor?" "Sure." Alicia smiled "Anything."
Marshall's eyes widened as he stared at Ms. Schmidt unbelievingly.

"I don't need a tutor." he protested trying hard to let Alicia hear him.
"Look, I wanna pass you. Every senior deserves to graduate. It's still early. All you have to do is come to school more & study." she smiled genuinely. "Would you mind tutoring him?"
When those words left her mouth, he nearly fainted. There was no way to retract that statement.
"Of course." Alicia smiled as he turned to look at her. She was so beautiful that his heart skipped a beat for a moment before starting back up. "I...I can't..." he said rushing from the room & damn near knocking her down. She frowned confused before following after him.

"Excuse me!!" she shouted & he stopped dead in his tracks.
I'm bein' a total jerk to her right now. Jesus, I shoulda stayed home.
He turned around slowly as his heart pounded on his rib cage. He couldn't just blow her off. Not her. "Yeah?"
"Did I do something wrong?" she asked staring at his shadowy profile.
God no. "No." he muttered.
He was a timid guy without any friends. He was a loner who kept to himself. "Do you wanna take me to lunch?" she inquired smiling. She knew that was the best way to approach someone who wasn't use to attention. Be nice & friendly. Easy going was the way to go.

How could she ask me that? I'm not like any of the the guys she talks to.
"Lunch?" he asked as she walked up to him & other people rushed to their lockers or down the hall to class, while others either went to the caf or left for lunch. "Yup. I'm in the mood for pizza."
"I don't have a car." "I'll drive." she offered.
How can I say no? "Ok." he obliged following her out of the building.
"So," she said sipping her Pepsi. "I don't see you too much at school."
He shifted in his chair uncomfortably as he held his vanilla milkshake tight.
I uh..." he said nervously. "I...I..."
"It's cool." she smiled. "You don't have to explain anything to me."
He smiled as he let out a sigh of relief.
"There's just 2 things I want you to do." she smiled coyly.
"What's that?" "Take that hoodie off so I can see your face." she chuckled and so did he. He easily took it off & awaited her other demand.
"And let me tutor you." "You're not gonna let that go are you?"
"Not until you say yes." she replied looking at the bill.

"I'll think about it." he said grabbing the bill. "I got it." he replied sliding out of the booth. He walked up to the cash register as Alicia followed. He handed the bill to the cashier & dug his hands in his pocket to feel a bunch of crumbled up bills. He pulled out one & opened it only to see dried blood on it. He panicked as Alicia stood right beside him & sipped the last bit of her soda. He crumbled it & threw the money back into his right pocket, while pulling out another bill from the opposite side.
"Here." he said nervously handing the female cashier a bill.
"Keep the change." He hustled out of the store & Alicia followed after tossing her can in the garbage. The female cashier stared at the $50 bill in awe.

"Everything ok?" she asked stopping him as they headed towards the school.
Besides the fact that I almost screwed up big time?
"Yeah." he smiled fakely, but he had gone flush thinking about what happened. "So will you let me tutor you?" she insisted as she grabbed his hand & scribbled something.
"Marshall?" he heard a familiar voice ask behind him & he took a hard gulp as if he got terrified. He turned around slowly as Alicia's eyes stared at the taller male stalking over to them.
"Hey dad." he smiled fakely as he looked up to him. Bruce stared down at his son, then Alicia before replying.

"I thought that was you." he said dryly.
"Where were you this mornin'?" he asked smiling through clenched teeth.
This is bad... Marshall thought as he stood between his father & Alicia. "School." he mumbled.
Bruce took a breath as he stared at his splitting image more than a tad furious. "School?" he asked narrowing his eyes on Marshall.
"Yeah..." "You forgot our little talk last night huh?"
Marshall shifted as he stuck his hands in his pockets awkwardly. He was so embarrassed that he was nearly ruby color.
"Would you like a ride to school?" he asked looking towards Alicia.
"She's fine dad." Marshall interjected.
"Don't be rude." Bruce spat. "You go get in the truck."

"What he means is I have a car." she smiled politely.
"Ok miss. Marshall won't be back to school today. He's had business to tend to." he said looking back at his son who was still standing in the same spot. As soon as his father glared at him, he hustled to the truck & jumped in the passenger side.
"See you later." Bruce replied stalking back to the double parked SUV & hoping in the driver's side. An eerie feeling washed over her as she watched Marshall stare at her before the truck rolled off.

Leave feedback please. Very Happy cheers I love you
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The Other Side of 8 Mile Rated R *Em Fic*
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