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 TV Preview: 'Supernatural' Goes Meta

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TV Preview: 'Supernatural' Goes Meta Empty
PostSubject: TV Preview: 'Supernatural' Goes Meta   TV Preview: 'Supernatural' Goes Meta I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 24, 2011 10:48 am

TV Preview: 'Supernatural' Goes Meta SN615a_0080b

This Friday’s episode of Supernatural, “The French Mistake,” is one of those wacky, self-referential episodes that pokes fun at itself and gives hardcore fans hardcore boners.

Balthazar shows up in Sam and Dean's room, gives them a key, and ships them off to another dimension. Seems Raphael has put a hit out on anyone who helped Cas, and next out Virgil's hit list is the Winchester boys. Sam and Dean end up in a universe where their names are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, they star in a TV show called Supernatural, Jared is married to the girl they know as Ruby - aka Jared's real-real life wife Genevieve - and monsters, magic, and god don't exist.

Not to oversell this episode, but "The French Mistake" is the greatest hour of television ever aired. Okay, okay, that may be overselling it a lot. But it certainly is 42 minutes of fun from the off-balanced mind of Ben Edlund. I love it when actors can poke fun at themselves, and this episode was poked more than an easy girl on Facebook. Without giving too much away, some of my choice moments from the episode include Cas's alter-alter ego, Misha Collins, who is a douchey Twitter-addict; Sam and Dean's attempt at "acting;" and Dean's horror to discover that they live in Canada.

Sure, it gets a little bit cheesy, and some of the jokes are kind of obvious, like Sam googling this "Jensen Ackles fellow" to see what they are dealing with and reading off his biography, with Dean cracking wise the whole time. Regardless, this is the must-see episode of the season.

"The French Mistake" airs Friday, February 25th at 9:00pm on the CW

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TV Preview: 'Supernatural' Goes Meta
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