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 Shapeshifting season 4 spoilers for True Blood

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PostSubject: Shapeshifting season 4 spoilers for True Blood   Mon Oct 25, 2010 6:49 am

I know I wasn't alone in a collective sense of disappointment when the finale episode of the third season of True Blood faded to black. After a breakneck season that indulged our most twisted, depraved sense of bloodlust on every level, the conclusion seemed hastily spackled together with a variety of random and ill-contrived endings that did more to annoy us than leave us dying for more, as was the case with the season finale of the second season. However, those of us who consider ourselves die-hard Trubies are in it for the long haul. And knowing that Eric Northman is free of his prison of cement is enough to keep me watching for another year, in and of itself.

This being said, after a very long haitus from reporting on all things True Blood for the Examiner, I have returned to my dutiful position here and will be delivering to you rabid fans the latest news on a daily basis! First off being a few new season four spoilers regarding our beloved whitetrash shapeshifters. These tidbits are straight from Sam Trammell's mouth!

In an interview with About.com he stated "Sam? I honestly don’t know. I’m so curious. One of the best things about starting up is we get about four scripts that you just get to read and just get to see what goes on. I know that they’re going to do some really interesting stuff with shapeshifting that we haven’t done yet. Yeah. And we’re going to kind of look into the myth of the shapeshifter and what it is and the community or non-community in Bon Temps, so it’s going to be cool.”

More delving into the back-history of True Blood's supernatural pantheon! Who knows where this rabbit hole will lead? Between Lafayette's voodoo flashbacks, Sookie's faerie blood and the hunky Alcide keeping our werewolf hackles raised, next year's season is truly going to be one insane trip into creative insanity.

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Shapeshifting season 4 spoilers for True Blood
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